Northern Warrior has been going through a lot of changes of the past 8 months. Many factors out of our control have forced us to constantly reevaluate our business and look for new opportunities to serve our customers as best we can. Some of these factors are increased supply costs, supply shortages, and increased shipping costs. As always, we also evaluate the factors within our control. Together, these insights have resulted in some big changes for the company. I want to summarize these changes for you, in order for you to understand the reasoning behind them.

Batch Production

Due to constantly rising costs of steel, we have tried to find ways to keep our costs down as much as we can. The method we are choosing to pursue is what we call ‘batch production’. Essentially, we will produce batches of our most popular products in order to reduce lead times, keep prices down, and build some stock of these items. We are working implementing an digital systems from which our customers can track these batch orders, as well as any other orders they make,

Custom Projects

Northern Warrior has been built by taking on any and all custom projects that we deemed that we were capable to produce. It has been an amazing learning experience to produce some one-of-a-kind pieces and some of these have ended up as part of our standard catalogue of equipment. However, these projects are extremely time consuming and we have not been charging appropriately for these services. We will now be charging for time spent consulting, designing, engineering, and estimating any custom projects. In addition, labour rates for custom projects have been increased substantially. These changes will allow us to improve our custom project services.

Hours of Operation

To date, Northern Warrior has never had set hours of operation. As a result, we receive phone calls, emails and messages at all times of the day. Much of this is my own fault for answering messages and calls outside of my regular work day hours. As we grow, I cannot ask our employees to be responding to customers outside of regular hours. Therefore, it is imperative that hours of operation be established for Northern Warrior. Starting April 4, 2020, our hours of operations are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Powder Coating

We are working to find local suppliers that provide powder coating for our steel products. It is important that these suppliers are able to meet our price points and deadlines. It is our goal to switch as much of our paint production as possible to powder coating as we move forward. When this becomes our painting standard, product descriptions will be updated accordingly.

Over these past 8 months, we have been experimenting with many different offers and opportunities to determine the best path forward. These big changes that I have outlined here have been determined to be crucial for our growth and improvement of our business. We hope that you are able to embrace these changes, as we know they will allow us to serve you better.

Thank you for continuing to support us on this journey to build stronger minds, stronger bodies, and stronger communities,

Dr. Bear,


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