My name is Tyler Desplenter. I am the owner and chief engineer of Northern Warrior Strength Systems. I am also an athlete, coach, educator, carpenter, scientist, and, most importantly, a friend and father. All of these roles have helped to build Northern Warrior Strength Systems into what is it today and continue to shape it into what it will become in the future.

This all started by building strength equipment with my uncle Ray J to train strongman in his backyard for my first competition in 2013. As my strength and desire to compete grew, so did the demand for more equipment and knowledge. Over the years, I have continued to learn and design strength systems. Eventually, I decided to share my passion for strength with Canada and the world with Northern Warrior Strength Systems. I currently operate Northern Warrior out my home in Southern Ontario.

The Northern Warrior is a character who is a reflection of the ideal I strive to be: a person who is strong enough, both physically and mentally, to aid those in need and help them become stronger. The Northern Warrior is strong, courageous, honourable, critical, disciplined, tough, and adaptable. Through the vision of the Northern Warrior, we embody our study of strength and development of strength systems, such as equipment, training programs, and education material. We offer education to those seeking knowledge and craft unique strength equipment using timber, stone, and steel. Our goal is to help build stronger people, stronger communities, and a stronger world.