Basic War Handles

Our Basic War Handles are simple and effective for any strength of athlete. Plates are loaded on each end of these handles in order to scale the difficulty to your strength. The handles on these implements are 1.3″ diameter pipe, which is at the larger end of most farmers walk implements used in contest. Whether you are looking to compete in strongman or just want to build overall strength and work capacity, our Basic War Handles will help you reach your goals.

Basic War Handle Features

  • 15″ handle height
  • 52″  implement length
  • 1.3″ diameter handle
  • 12″ loadable sleeves
  • Handle weight: 15lbs

For all customizations, please contact us directly to place an order.

Looking for a different type of farmers walk implement? Check out our Upright War Handles or Timber War Handles.

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