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The Battle-Axle is a standard implement for strongman training and competition. It can be used to replace any traditional barbell movement, but also comes with the added grip challenge. In order to accommodate the full range of strength capabilities, we offer our Battle-Axles in both a Hollow and Solid steel variations.

Customization to your Battle-Axle is available upon request.

*Collars are not included with this product.

Battle-Axle Specifications
Bar – Length: 84 inches
Bar – Outside Diameter: 1.9 inches (Hollow) or 1.9375 inches (Solid)
Sleeve – Length 15.25 inches
Total Weight: 24 lbs (Hollow), 72 lbs (Solid)

Weight Ratings:

  • From the ground: 800lbs (Hollow) or 1200lbs (Solid)
  • On blocks: 800lbs (Hollow) or 1200lb (Solid)
  • Elevated on tires: 700lbs (Hollow) or 1200lbs (Solid)
  • Elevated on wagon wheel plates/power rack: 600lbs (Hollow) or 1100lbs (Solid)

Taxes and shipping are additional costs. Shipping costs will be billed to you once products are completed. Orders will be shipped only upon receiving payment for shipping costs. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

WARNING: Repetitive dropping of this product onto hard surfaces or in a manner in which a portion of the additional weights do not contact that floor (i.e. rack pulls or wagon wheel deadlifts) may reduce the lifetime of this product or cause permanent deformation.

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Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 3 × 3 in

2 reviews for Battle-Axle

  1. Scott Staddon

    A great axle to add to your gym. I’ve abused it and it has taken everything in stride. From axle presses to heavy deadlifts this does it all. Finish is great, paint is flawless. Opted for a custom colour and was not disappointed. Canadian Strongman Approved!

  2. Adam MacDonnell

    The battle axle is always ready to do just that…. battle. Whether it’s used for a basic press, squat, or deadlift set up, to a modified set up for viking press or a yoke, it’s up for the test. I purchased mine in the summer of 2019 and is still straight as an arrow. Highly recommend and a must for any strongman/women gym.

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