Some of the strongest have been pressing massive stone blocks above their heads for centuries. The block press has even become a popular event in the sport of strongman. With our Battle-Block, you will be able to perform this historic lift without needing to own a garage full of different sized stones. Each block has two loadable posts with room enough for up to 25lb plates. Steel spacers for the posts are provided in order to keep the plates from moving around as the Battle-Block is hoisted. The corners of the block are reinforced with steel tubing that also serve as a spacer for your fingers.


  • 13.5″ x 26.5″ x 11.5″ outer dimensions
  • 108lbs empty (82lbs empty without the lid)
  • Fully loadable to over 350lbs

For all customizations, please contact us directly to place an order.

Taxes and shipping are additional costs. Shipping costs will be billed to you once products are completed. Orders will be shipped only upon receiving payment for shipping costs. Shipping is limited to Canadian addresses. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

WARNING: Repetitive dropping of this product onto hard surfaces may reduce the lifetime of this product. Padding the surface is recommended when using this product to maintain the integrity of both the surface and the product.



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