Bloodline Bar


The Bloodline Bar is our first barbell and was designed for anyone looking to build a big squat! The barbell is comes fully knurled for optimal adherence to your back. Standard powerlifting rings are spaced on the bar to aid with hand and torso placement. The 1.5″ diameter of the barbell makes it very stiff when moving heavy loads. The Bloodline Bar even has extra space between the sleeves (58″) to accommodate those wanting to grab the bar outside of the power rack uprights. The sleeves on this bar are welded (non-rotational) to reduce overall cost and maintenance.


  • 96″ long
  • 58″ between collars
  • 18.25″ of loadable non-revolving sleeve space
  • Custom red cerakote coating over entire bar
  • 1.9″ sleeve diameter
  • 1.5″ bar diameter
  • 57lbs

Build your legacy, build your bloodline!


Note: Not all clamps or collars will work this barbell. Please contact us if you need a set of collars for the 1.9″ diameter sleeves.

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