Giant’s Finger Dumbbells

Get your dumbbell work in, while growing your hand strength! Our Giant’s Finger Dumbbells were made intentionally thick, as this places an extra challenge on your grip. No need to change up your dumbbell training routine, just change the dumbbell thickness and watch your forearms thicken as a result. If you are looking to have giant hands and unearthly grip, our Giant’s Finger Dumbbells are the tool you need in your gym.

Want a pair that you can abuse? We offer these in solid steel option for those of you who are looking to load these up and throw them around!

**Some collars may not fit tightly on our Giant’s Finger Dumbbells. If you need collars that fit, check out our Two-Talon Collars


  • 5.5″ long handle
  • 7″ loadable sleeves
  • 20.75″ overall length
  • Available in Hollow (1.9″ diameter) and Solid (1.9375″ diameter) steel options
  • Weighs 6 lbs (Hollow) or 17.5lb (Solid) per dumbbell
  • Flat black powder coating

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