Plate-Loadable Circus Dumbbell

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The circus dumbbell is a standard implement for strongman training and competition. It is also great for building overall pressing power. Our Plate-Loadable Circus Dumbbells allow you to easily load standard weights to achieve your desired weight. Collars are not included with this product. Customization of your circus dumbbell is available upon request.

Bell – Diameter: 11 or 13 inches
Bell – Length: 10 inches
Loadable Peg – Outside Diameter: 1.9 inches
Handle – Outside Diameter: 2.375 inches
Total Weight: 72 or 80 lbs

All equipment is made to order. Taxes and shipping are additional costs. Due to variability in product weight and dimensions, shipping costs will be billed to you once products are completed. Orders will be shipped only upon receiving payment for shipping costs. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

WARNING: Repetitive dropping of this product onto hard surfaces may reduce the lifetime of this product. Padding the surface is recommended when using this product to maintain the integrity of both the surface and the product.

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1 review for Plate-Loadable Circus Dumbbell

  1. Pat L

    I bought one of these a month ago and have thrown it around quite a bit. I haven’t put a ton of weight on it (only loaded to 120lbs) but seeing as my technique sucks there have been quite a few awkward drops, even missing my drop pad and crashing it into my squat rack… The dumbell has stood up very well, the only signs of abuse are on the paint which is of course expected.

    Great CDB, 100% recommend it!

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