Steel Husafell Stone

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The Steel Husafell Stone has become a common training tool amongst strongman athletes. Intended to pay homage to the original Húsafell stone, this implement is carried for distance. Weighing in at 120 lbs, it is light enough for most individuals to take on the challenge. The Steel Husafell Stone can be loaded with plates or other objects in order to create the desired resistance. The agony gained from carrying this implement around is sure to push you towards your strength goals.

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Weight Rating: 330lbs


1 review for Steel Husafell Stone

  1. Christian Lipsett

    This is the best loadable Husafell Stone on the internet anywhere. It has a lower starting weight than anything else on the market (54 kg), and yet can handle massive increases in resistance (I’m using lead shot in sandwich bags). Further, it is the only loadable Husafell Stone on the internet which has carrying handles, which are useful both to move it around the gym, as well as a secondary movement for ultra heavy deadlift lockouts. Excellent finish and paint as well. I am totally satisfied with this purchase.

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