Yoke Bar

The Northern Warrior Yoke Bar is the first of its kind. The Yoke Bar has been modelled after strongman yoke implements, making it a great tool to supplement your yoke training. This specialty bar can also used for many common exercises, like squats, good mornings, or overhead presses. The Yoke Bar has an adjustable post height that provides you with another dimension of variability and the center of the crossbar comes knurled to help the bar grip to your back.

Collars are not included with this product.

Yoke Bar specifications
Crossbar – Outside Diameter: 2.9 inches
Bar – Outside Diameter: 1.9 inches
Sleeve – Length 20 inches
Total Weight: 100 lbs
Weight Rating: 1000 lbs

All equipment is made to order. Taxes and shipping are additional costs. Shipping costs will be billed to you once products are completed. Orders will be shipped only upon receiving payment for shipping costs. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

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